Founded in Puebla, Mexico, Space JLTZ is a startup providing solutions, services, and products based on space and satellite technology for customers at the academic, government, and commercial markets

Our competitive edge is to offer integral solutions such as: IoT, Earth Observation, and experience in space mission design, construction, launch, and operation.  Expecting to democratize space technology, we develop integral and sustainable solutions for organizations, and we seek to associate with specialized agencies worldwide, technology transfer entities, and scientists to promote human talent development and innovation in the space industry.


Why is the space market attractive to investors?

The rising possibilities of private cooperation in the space sector has allowed a fast growth market in the industry. The beginning of the new space economy makes this time a unique opportunity to venture into this business corner with high profits and an exponential increase market in the long term. 

The future of the human race belongs in space. 

Where is Space JLTZ based?

Space JLTZ is a Mexican company based in Puebla, Mexico.

Who is the investor relations contact?

Guillermo Rodriguez Alvarez 

Whom may I contact if I have questions?

Click here and we will contact you.